Clozette Party 2018

I have to confess… It is something that most people around don’t usually know about me. I don’t know but yes, I’m addicted to trying skincare products! Whenever I got a chance to try one, I run through first my analysis of the product and try it. So when I and my dear friend Au were invited to Clozette Party 2018 last Saturday November 24, I was giggling with excitement. At first, I had no idea as to what the event is all about. Au usually tags Clozette and other brands in all of her IG posts, mostly are her OOTDS. Upon scouring its IG account, I felt that Clozette is an online magazine curating looks of people and even branding of products. Relative to my obsession with trying skincare products, this event really piqued my interest, plus it’s a parteeeeey!

dscf2892Left to Right – Sara Paredes (IG @lovingstara – who I think resembles actress Kris Bernal), Me, Aurora Basbas (Blog By Miss A – my dear friend)

Yes, party! And I expected it to be one – a celebratory introduction of products by celebrity ambassadors. But wait, it was rather a meet and greet with social media influencers. The party is a congregation of fashion and beauty enthusiasts. Apparently, most of them were women and I was only the thorn among the bunch of beautiful and relevant roses in this industry.


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Much to my surprise, we were treated to different activities such as perfume making, and DIY pouch with your own tassel. How cool is that? This party got even more exciting with – guess what – B-I-N-G-O. Yes, you have read it right! I was one of the few people who were able to finish the game and was rewarded with a planner. The food and the ambiance were great. We were able to get a lot of photos, and click here and there. Just imagine how many takes we had (Haha!). Well actually, almost all guests were busy doing their own shoots left and right. The room was filled with fun and happiness, most of the people were extra friendly. I was able to meet some and had few chats with them – connections!


Beauty loots given by Clozette PH

But on a serious note, I would like to attend another event like this. Oooooops, another confession. Anyway, thanks Clozette family for inviting us! Cheers to a more progressive beauty space.


Note: Here is the list of the first batch of winners who joined the #MisterMoleculesGiveaways contest:

  1. Clinique lipstick and a skin consultation/makeup session GC – Camille Monta (Instagram)
  2. Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil and a makeup session GC – Erika Saculo (Facebook)
  3. Aveeno handcream and lotus face mask – Bonna Vergara (Facebook)

Will be sending a direct message to all the winners via Facebook page. Congratulations guys! 🙂

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